This page is dedicated to my works in progress aka wips.

Her Perfect Match


Stephanie had been looking forward to her wedding day. Going to see her fiancé once last time before the wedding was just what she needed to calm down her nerves. Finding another woman in his arms set her off literally. Walking through the forest, she runs into a wall of chest. Could this be the help she was looking for? Can her head and her heart clear and see what is before her?

Giving up on one man might lead her to her perfect match.

This has been submitted but still a work in progess in my opinion. 🙂

The Letter

An erotic letter put in her mailbox sets Corrine’s world on edge. She knows it is someone from work. He sees the real person not just what is on the outside. And being in a plus sized woman, this is definitely a man she wants to know. Life has not always been so kind but this man wants to do things she only dreamed about. But not sure she has the guts to ask guys at work, she figures she will remain clueless or she’ll have to do something drastic. Yet with her best friend Kelly at her side maybe she finally have the push to find Mr. Right. But what will it be?

Submitted, waiting to hear back on it.

Pure Magic 2-

Kendall curious about what her younger sister Cassie does decides to show up at her house. She cannot imagine that not long afterwards she not only agrees to participate in the next show but meets a man who might just fulfill all her dreams. If only her and her sister can get along.

A Mother’s Gift-

Siobhan wanted to spit nails. Going back to Northern Ireland wasn’t something she had wanted to do. But it was in the will, and she could never say no to her mum. If only her fiancée, Sean could understand. She’d just have to wait and see what surprises were coming her way.

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